Kijang Economics Competition


Kijang Economics Competition (Kijang) is a national economics competition for secondary schools and pre-university students which aims to challenge students’ economics knowledge through economics, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business. The first competition took place in April 2019.

Kijang intends to spark a competitive nature among students as provide them with the opportunity to polish and develop in economic and financial literacy. Kijang questions have a unique way of highlighting economic and financial concepts by relating it to the local and global economies over time.

Kijang tasks consist of multiple choice questions (tests), requiring an application of economic and financial knowledge to find solutions on capital resources, use of financial instruments and financial market analysis. The questions in Kijang are aligned with the Malaysian curriculum standards and Elemen Merentas Kurikulum (EMK) in KSSM. Kijang is endorsed by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, which enables all participants to obtain co-curriculum marks.

The top 5 students will be selected to represent Malaysia in International Economics Olympiad 2021.


Kijang has two categories which is sorted by age groups; namely as Lower Secondary, and Upper

All questions are designed and specifically trained for economics studies by the expatriates in economy.

Economics has a diverse range of field. Among them are:

Competition Format


All questions will be prepared in English and Bahasa Melayu only.




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