Investing 101: What is Fundamental Analysis?

Investing 101: What is Fundamental Analysis?

If you want to invest in the stock market, you need to research to choose the best companies.

This is where fundamental analysis comes in.

It’s a way to evaluate different factors that could impact a company’s growth prospects and determine whether it’s overvalued or undervalued.

Let’s break it down in simpler terms.

What are the factors considered during fundamental analysis?

Here are some of the key factors that are evaluated during fundamental analysis.

  1. Company-related factors
  2. Economic factors

Company-related factors

 These are things like revenue, profit, profit margin, earnings per share (EPS), the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio), and more.

You can find this information in the company’s financial statements.

Economic factors

These include the growth rate of the economy, inflation rate, government policies, and other factors that could impact the company’s performance.

Why should someone use Fundamental Analysis? What are the advantages?

Here are some advantages of using fundamental analysis.

  1. It takes a long-term view
  2. It helps to identify undervalued companies

It takes a long-term view

Instead of just looking at short-term trends, the fundamental analysis considers past, current, and future information about the company, the sector it operates in, and the overall economy.

This provides a well-rounded picture of the company’s future and a better forecast of its stock price.

It helps to identify undervalued companies

By evaluating different factors, fundamental analysis can help investors identify currently undervalued companies.

This means that the stock price may increase, providing a good opportunity for long-term investors.

Are there any disadvantages of fundamental analysis?

One disadvantage of fundamental analysis is that it can be time-consuming.

However, if you’re a long-term investor, researching a few extra hours can pay off in the long run.

Who should use Fundamental Analysis? Does it need any special skills?

Anyone who wants to invest in the stock market long-term should use fundamental analysis.

It doesn’t require special qualifications, and the information needed to perform the fundamental analysis is freely available on financial websites.

Fundamental analysis is an important tool for investors who want to make informed decisions about which companies to invest in.

It considers various factors and provides a well-rounded picture of the company’s future prospects.

So, if you’re thinking about investing in the stock market, take some time to do your research and use fundamental analysis to make informed decisions.

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